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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Visiting Friends

This weekend we've had the pleasure of company with friends from Anchorage;
 Lili, her husband Jerome, baby Collette and Jack. We first met Lili through cross country ski lessons in Anchorage almost 2 years ago. Click here to the first time we met Lili in 2010...

  Lili and Jerome are both French and as I write this, Jerome prepares a batch of crepe batter for breakfast crepes tomorrow morning. YUM! Can't wait. Nutella crepe here I come. 

3 year old Jack  loves playing with Stuey's cars and trucks.  And Lili, Jerome, Patrick and myself enjoy talking about food, travel, family, skiing, etc. 

   The weekend has had such a relaxed, fun feel to it. Everyone helping out with everyones kids. And we have a similar appreciation for simple Alaskan pleasures such as exploring beaches, hiking, the smell of saltwater in the air, fresh king salmon....

Our friend Mike gave us some fresh king salmon caught this morning, so we enjoyed it together both raw as sashimi and then the rest grilled for dinner. Such a summer treat to enjoy fresh king salmon with friends.

 Nora loves holding baby Collette!


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