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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Roxy Dog and Nora

Roxy is SO tolerant of Nora poking and prodding her. Nora will pull on her whiskers, lift up her cheek flaps, pull her fur. If Roxy gets annoyed, she just gets up and walks off! I think they'll become good buddies over time.

Homeward Bound

Gregg at the helm...

Log Highway, Sheratin Bay

Patrick and Gregg decide rather than wait for the tide to come in, to take matters in their own hands....

Oops....Tide Went Out. What Next?

On a recent hunting trip to Sheratin Bay via boat, Gregg and Patrick returned to the boat to discover the tide left their boat high and dry!

Sound of Music on Kodiak

During August in Kodiak, the backcountry is full of wildflowers (if the goats don't eat them all!!).

Kodiak Sunrise During an August Hunt

In the backcountry, Patrick was up early to look for the waking deer.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Patrick and Nora Getting a Good Nights Sleep!!

This was taken 2 months ago when Nora was having a hard time sleeping. Patrick figured he would help her like her playpen by sleeping in there with her!! I tiptoed into the bedroom expecting them to be asleep on the bed, but there they were, in the playpen!
Fortunately, now she sleeps all night in her crib (in the nursery). Mom and Dad are getting their MUCH needed sleep, as well as Nora!

Garden in Bloom, Summer 2006-Yummy Veggies

Nora Enjoying her Birthday Cake

Nora's First Birthday