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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stuey's First Lost Tooth

Stuey lost his first tooth on our trip home. He put in a hard piece of gum to chew. After a few bites he looked up at me with a shocked expression. When I saw his mouth, one of his bottom teeth was gone. I said, "Stuey, you lost a tooth!". He was elated and we found the tooth on the carpet. It happened in the Chicago airport. His tooth hadn't been loose prior to losing it!

 Leona gave Stuey an empty Zyrtec bottle to put the tooth in. When he walked on the plane, he rattled the bottle proudly and smiled to people. The Alaska Airlines gate agent said, "Oh is that your asthma medication?" Stuey had to explain that it was his first tooth in the bottle.

Nora asked about when she lost her first tooth. I couldn't remember specifics about the event, so I looked up Nora's first Tooth on our blog and it was fun to read to her about it.

HOME and Happy
Now that the kids are back home, they are so happy with sleeping in their own bed and playing with the blocks and train tracks in the living room. I am teaching them how to knit, which is going remarkably well. I expected the experience to be a total bust, but they're quite into it!

(a few one-liners...)

Nora: "Who was a cuter baby? Stuey or me?"

Stuey: "You is the best mommy in the whole u-nee-a-verse." (He says this to me about 20 times a day!)

Stuey: We served sheep burgers for dinner. Sheep that Patrick shot last year. Stuey sat down to eat and was not excited about eating the burger. I said, "Stuey, this is meat that daddy shot." Stuey gasped with excitement and said, "Daddy shot this?". He then proceeded to excitedly eat the burger. And he said, "Thank you daddy for shooting this sheep!" It mattered a lot to him where the meat came from!

And just a few pics that were on my camera phone from our trip to Maine...


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