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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hoop Time

This week there is a functioning basketball hoop at our place! Since I've known Patrick, there was an old, worn down hoop hanging from the garage-to my knowledge, it hadn't been used in 13 years. This summer I decided to put it to use, so I cleared the cement pad off and started shooting hoops. The hoop broke. The whole thing was rusted. Fortunately Ella was making a trip to the mainland with her car, so one stop to Sports Authority and we had a usable hoop and backboard. Our friend Brent installed it today and when I came home from work, it felt great to shoot some baskets.
I forgot how much I love the sound (and 'feel') when the ball swooshes through the hoop!

 I played JV basketball in high school and have played very little since returning to Kodiak. I played in  a women's league for a month about 12 years ago, but that was it.

Stuey wants so badly to make a basket, and Nora loves watching and giving me points when the ball goes through. I can't wait to play HORSE and all those other fun driveway games with friends this summer!


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