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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Granny CoCo & Grandpa George

We're in North Haven, Maine now, which is an island off the coast of Rockport. Enjoying time with Patrick's mom (who recently became Granny "Coco" to the kids) and stepdad George. Coco is the name of one of Emmy's dogs and after discussion with her, she thought it would help distinguish her from the other grandmothers in Nora and Stuey's life.

Last night Nora, Stuey and Emmy shucked peas on the deck for an hour.
And Leona made a rhubarb/strawberry pie in the kitchen. She let Nora help with the dough!
Yesterday we took a walk out a long point and on our way admired this HUGE oak tree.

For dinner last night we enjoyed the shucked peas together and the kids raced around outside while we waited for the pies to cook.
Pea shucking in progress....
Nora with Coco in Rockport
Nora and Coco on the way to the ferry for North Haven.

You would think from these pictures that vacation is blissful. But frankly, its definitely had its share of stress. The kids haven't playing well together and Nora has had a hard time sleeping and finding things to do on her own. It is exhausting and makes me rethink taking kids on vacation. i don't know what I'm doing "wrong"...I just know that whining kids are a serious drain.


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