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Thursday, September 15, 2016

End of the Blog

Picture of the Pack from the first month of the blog

First Christmas Card with Stuey

This blog is over 10 years old, there have been over 2600 posts, and, sadly enough, it ends today.

When it began the family or 'pack' only included Zoya, Me, Roxy dog and a one-year-old Nora.  Jake dog came and went during the life of the blog, and we added Stuey, Tank, and Sheba.

Whenever I notice a blog that ends abruptly I always wonder what happened.  Did people get bored of blogging, did someone get injured, marital problems?  Well our blog is ending because Zoya is leaving me - the pack of animals this blog was all about will no longer be whole.  And yes it is a complete surprise for me too - I even had a few more posts about our Labor Day weekend trip to Afognak to put on here.

I did not have an inkling that this was going to happen.  The 'I'm leaving you' was completely out of the blue - like a bad joke.  Perhaps if you look back through the summer blog archives you will see some hints of impending disaster.  I certainly did not.

It just goes to show that life is a fickle journey.  One moment you are in bright sunshine and all is well, and then the clouds come over the sun and it starts to rain.  But nothing lasts forever, and the sun will shine again.

Anyway, I plan on starting a new blog  - A Smaller Pack - and it will document the adventures of the new family pack.  Me, Nora, Stuey, Tank, Sheba, and Bruno.  This will be the first post there and the last one here (unless Zoya has a post to add).

I promise no complaining and regrets will be on the new blog.  It will be all about 'tending' my new 'garden', and creating happiness with what I am lucky to still have.  And I do have a lot to be thankful for.

Here is the link,



My 30th Reunion Photo (fogged in Kodiak)

Last summer on Afognak


Philip said...

You and your pack are in my prayers.

Andy Schroeder said...

Here's to the smaller pack. Sending our love.

Alphie Soup said...

Hmmmm. Life's great unknown - what lies ahead.

Thanks for the link. I'll be there.


Marnie said...

Patrick, you are awesome. Zoya was lucky to have found you. I tell Abby there are two main decisions that will define her life - her choice of career and her choice of mate. Finding a faithful, intelligent, fun, sexy, spouse who is a good parent can be quite challenging - one in a million. I am sorry for your loss because I know how much you love her, but I also know you will persevere and can conquer just about anything. You have an amazing career, great kids, and good friends, so relish in what you have and as Churchill would say, "keep buggering on!"

Unknown said...

I wish I were there... I would gladly give you my rations and listen for as long as it takes. You are and will always be a good friend. Hold tight to those who love you just as you are and try not to overthink the path that led to this moment.
Hugs to you Patrick.

My Little Family: said...

So sorry to read this. I wish you much happiness and excitement in your future. Perhaps I will see you next summer - Jerry wants to come to Kodiak.

Unknown said...

Oh my. I have enjoyed this family blog. The trips, the digs, the hunts. Wonderful stuff. I wish you all very well. This next portion is challenging. You are up to it.

Dani said...

Sending love to the new pack!