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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Impromptu Pyramid Camping

 Yesterday Lisa H, Lisa M, Gregg, Patrick and myself planned on going to Center Mt. via helicopter to get dropped off on Center Mountain, ski then hike the 8 miles home back to town. Going to Center Mountain and hiking home is something I've wanted to do for 13 years since meeting Patrick.
There was confusion with our helicopter arrangements (ie no helicopter pilot available), so after confirming this, we decided to camp on Pyramid Mountain. Our kids were in good hands over night, we had our camping gear all packed, so up Pyramid we hiked.

 There was no wind, which made the black flies and mosquitos thick!  The cook tent and sleeping tents were set up quickly and in a matter of no time, Patrick had the cookstove assembled, and water boiling for tea and dinner. We retreated inside the warmth of the shelter and outside the fog would move in and out of the surrounding valley.

 Greg brought some of his homemade bread, jarlsberg cheese and salami for an appetizer. Patrick cooked a yummy rice and beans dish. We stayed up till nearly midnight sitting by the warm stove talking.

 This morning we slept in until 8,  enjoyed a leisurely breakfast inside the cook tent,  hiked to the top of Pyramid then took down camp and headed home. My right eye was stung by black flies last night and swelled up horribly overnight. Today it remains very swollen. Bugs love me, evidently.


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