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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Pineapple Express

Sunday evening John Larsen, Gregg and I climbed up Pyramid. We thought maybe there would be some powder from the previous storm. But no go - all ice on top. It appears there was a spike in the temperature right at the end of the previous storm that coated everything with ice. Still the views were spectacular. In this view you can see the next storm approaching. It struck with a vengance - yesterday we got 3.4 inches of rain in town.

We are now stuck in a cycle of warm storms - The Pineapple Express - as the weathermen put it. Each one has been progressively warmer. Still we are getting snow up high. Today I climbed up in the rain and we had new snow at 1200 feet. So we are finally getting that much needed snow up high on the mountains. And it is most definetly not blowing away. (PGS)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

36 Week Pregnancy Photos

36 weeks along and coming down the home stretch. My due date is Feb. 27th-However, I'd LOVE a Valentines Day baby. That'd be so cool.

I'm nesting like crazy now...when I have the energy I'm way into cleaning out corners of our house which haven't been cleaned for a few years. And organizing things for little Stuey's arrival.

Hospital bag is could be 1 week or it could be 5-6 more week!

Yowsers. I can't imagine being pregnant for 5 more weeks. I suppose I could get a lot more cleaning done!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Always Loved Dogs Evidently

Zoya and I are devastated that according to our online poll respondents find our blog (basically us) tame and boring. To spice it up, my solution is to post lots more ski photos, but Zoya believes I might be missing the point. Smart girl - good thing I married her.

So in the interests of 'spicing things up' I decided to post some pictures of me.

These two photos prove that I was both a natural archaeologist and dog lover from an early age. Obviously I loved my sandbox.

The photo where I am wearing a harness and leash was taken in 1967 on a freighter somewhere off the West coast. No sandbox for me I am digging in the crew's dead cigarette extinguish bin. Junior Archaeologist, checking out what people throw away at an early age.

In the other photo with the two black labs I am playing in a real sandbox in northern Virginia 1969. Striking how the two dogs look just like our current dogs Roxy and Jake. Nora likes to play with dogs too, and often sits on them while she reads (flips through) her books. She also likes to kiss them which they take as an excuse to lick her face. (PGS)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Addicted to Snow

I believe everybody should have an obsession. I just happen to have a different one for every season. Skiing in winter, archaeology and fishing and gardenning in summer, and hunting in the fall. People who aren't obsessed about something are boring.

I must admit it always gets me down when people in Kodiak complain about the weather. The cold and snow has been a boon to my mood. I believe the extra light from reflection off of the snow also helps. Warm weather is associated with more cloudy and dreary days while cold days tend to be crisp and sunny. I do know that due to the snow I have been getting more exercise. And exercise makes me happy. Can you imagine rain, gloom, brown dead grass and temps in the 40's all winter? Is that what some people are wishing for? A real winter rocks! And if you don't agree then you should move to Georgia, I hear the peaches are in blossom. Eat a peach.

On the weather obsessed side - we did get quite a storm today. Probably a foot and a half of snow at the pass. But rain and 36 degrees in town now. The roads are ice with running water on top. Total mess. And the weather guys predict a change in the weather pattern - warm for the next week or so. Maybe we'll get some snow up high. Hard to believe it got down to 2 degrees just last night.

Anyhow, these two pictures were taken on Sunday after the last storm. (PGS)

My husband's CURIOSITY/ADDICTION with weather

Patrick is so addicted to weather. Its not a bad thing....I'd rather have him be addicted to weather rather than watching TV all the time. His curiosity and interest with the weather is primarily during the fall, winter and he can see what kind of skiing there is to be done!

He spends much time on the internet analyzing satellite weather maps, looking at weather trends, checking the weather in Dutch Harbor (it often ends up here in a few days). In the morning he'll say, "it snowed 4 inches at the airport overnight. Right now it is 34 degrees at the airport which means its snowing up high (on pyramid)." Often he looks at the weather forecast and comes up with his own forecast based on the satellite photos, dutch harbor weather, etc....

Its funny 'cause this year I'm completely ambivalent about the weather. Its been the most amazing ski winter ever, but I've had to just be a bystander with being pregnant.

Patrick on the otherhand, has been in ski heaven. And I must say, it makes him have tons of energy with all the skiing he has been doing. When he comes home from a good ski, he offers to take Nora for a walk, make dinner, etc....I don't mind one bit! Some people say to me, "I don't see how you can 'let' Patrick go skiing so much!" The way I see it is that Pyramid Mt. is mother natures stair climber. How can a spouse dispute their partner getting wonderful exercise? It is good for the body AND soul. (ZAS)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kodiak's King Crab

Zoya's dad was a king crab fishermen back in the heyday of the industry in the 1970's. Back then, King Crab ruled the docks in Kodiak, but by the late 1980's the crab population had crashed and the Kodiak fishery had completely shut down. Today we still have the Crabfest celebration every May in downtown Kodiak, but still no King Crab fishery.

Funnily enough there was no King Crab industry prior to the late 1950's either. People just did not bother with them. The Prehistoric Alutiiq peoples did not even eat them (no crab parts have ever been found in a prehistoric midden). The Alutiiq did not eat crabs because crabs fed on drowned people.

One of the first people to realize the potential of the King Crab industry was Lowell Wakefield who opened up the Port Wakefield cannery to process crab on Raspberry Island. After the 1964 Earthquake the cannery moved to Port Lions.

In this photo from the late 1960s crab biologist Pete Jackson holds up a 20 pound king crab. Pete and Louise Jackson built the house we live in today. Pete's signature is on our mantlepiece (he was obviously proud of his work).

Bringing Home the Catch

These photos by Nick Nekeferoff were taken in the early days of Kodiak's king crab industry (photos stored at the Alutiiq Museum). It looks like they just caught them and took them back to the cannery (probably Port Wakefield on Raspberry Island). Today the crab fishermen have to keep the crabs alive in the hold until they get to the cannery or the cannery will not buy the crab. Like lobster, crab is suppossed to be cooked alive. This is why contemporary crab fishermen are obsessive about monitoring the conditions in their hold (water circulation etc) - Everyone's paycheck is dependant on the crabs getting back alive.

I do not know how they did it in the old days - but judging by one of these photos (guy holding up the crab) it looks like they gutted them on the boat. (PGS)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Kodiak Weather Update

Kodiak's weather continues to impress and keep me happy. What's amazing is that we keep getting snow storms without rain at the end. This is most unusual. On Saturday we got another 7 inches of snow at the airport. We have received almost 70 inches total for the winter!

This is another view of town from the bridge to Near Island. I took a similiar picture back in December (also posted on the blog), and when you compare the two it is astounding how much the snow has buried Pilar Mountain. In Decemeber you could still see all the salmonberry thickets and a lot more alder.

I believe our cold snowy winter is related to the abnormally warm winter on the East Coast. When the Jet Stream moves south of Alaska it naturally bends higher further around the globe - this just happens to be over New England. (PGS)

Another Blizzard

On Sunday, after Saturday's storm I skinned up Pyramid to go skiing. The snow was so deep on the road that I did not get much past the golf course before I had to park and start up the mountain. We don't usually climb Pyramid from this direction and it made for an unfamiliar view of the 'South Bowl' as I climbed on up. This is the view. If you look closely you can see all my ski tracks. It was a great day skiing. Kodiak does not often have powder skiing. (PGS)

Friday, January 19, 2007

35 Weeks Along-No Bedrest for this Cowgirl!!

Today I had my 35 week bed rest thus far. Yeah!!

Top 6 Questions I get Asked:

Are you going to keep breastfeeding Nora when your little guy comes along? Yes, see below...

Is the house ready for Stuart?
For the most part...I do need to move the changing table into our bedroom and buy some newborn diapers, however...

Is my hospital bag packed?
Not yet, on my to-do list, though.

Is Patrick excited about having a boy?
Hmmm...I think so. I think hes in shock at the prospect of having a newborn in our lives in a few weeks!!

Does Nora know about her brother?
I've only started talking about him in the past week. I don't think she has ANY idea what is coming down the pike...

How am I feeling this pregnancy? Am I still comfortable?
Yup, feeling good! See below....

The picture is of Nora nursing on the couch with me...and yes, I'm still breastfeeding Nora. I've discovered how breastfeeding a 17 month old is not terribly common in our culture, as well as planning on breastfeeding both kids. My friends and family have been supportive. The biggest concern/question people have is will Nora get terribly jealous and resentful of the baby?

I was worried too, for a while, until I read a website where 150 moms who were tandem nursing a toddler and newborn reported (for the most part) that nursing the toddler as well as the baby helped ease sibling rivalry between the two. (Patrick's reply to that was, "yeah, but they weren't Saltonstall siblings"). The toddler felt like they were getting what the baby gets. So we'll soon see if thats true. Its all a big adventure!!

Last pregnancy I was on bedrest from week 32-38 (with the last 10 days being hospital stay and then delivery of Nora). Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.
So, needless to say, bed rest has been a concern this pregnancy. I want to avoid it at all costs. My blood pressures have been creeping up a tiny bit, but just enough to encourage me to take it easy (and have Patrick do more diaper changes, he, he, he...)

Patrick has been the baby whisperer lately with getting Nora to bed. Bless his heart. He spends a good half hour with her helping her wind down and getting her to sleep. Perfect chance for me to kick my feet up on the couch. Patrick scores HUGE brownie points every night when he gets her to bed....a few hours of internet time. :) (ZAS)

Grammy Nominated Musical Group "The Duhks" Came to Kodiak

Last Monday the Grammy nominated group, "The Duhks" came to Kodiak. What a fantastic concert. They were nominated for their song, Heaven is My Home. I"ll be tuned in during February's Grammys to see if they won!

Check out their website at for more info on them....they have their music video you can click on and check out as well. Really good variety of music. They were better than I ever imagined. I think I was expecting them to be like the Dixie Chicks but they were much better-less whiny than the dixie chicks. And a greater variety of music.

The local radio station, KMXT, sponsored their trip here. They came last year as well. Makes living in Kodiak that much more enjoyable when we can enjoy world class music.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Koniag Glacier, Labor Day 2004

On Labor Day weekend 2004, Steve and Sharon Wielebski and Gregg Rosenkranz and I climbed koniag Peak the highest point on Kodiak Island - only 4470 feet above sea level! It may be low but the glaciers were amazing. Here Steve leads the way across the glacier on the way to the summit. At times the crevasses got a little scary - those things are deep! (PGS)

Kodiak's own Koniag Glacier, 2004

Kodiak continues to have its greatest winter in recent memory - snow is deeper at sea level than I have ever experienced in my time here. Ironically, while we have a good snow pack down low, up above 1500 feet there is not much snow. Most of our storms have been cold and the snow up high has simply blown away. It kills me to say it, but we need a warm storm - 36 degrees and raining in town but wet snow that sticks up high and does NOT BLOW AWAY. But hey, who am I to complain, The cross country skiing has never been better. Last weekend I skate skiied 15 miles round trip to Neva Cove on the coast between Ouzinkie and Anton Larsen Bay from Monashka Bay. It is literally 'ski anywhere snow'.

Unfortunetly the glaciers on Kodiak continue to receed. In 2004 we climbed Koniag Peak, the highest mountain on Kodiak, and I was horrified at how much the glaciers have recently receeded. The maps we used to navigate were from 1954 and in places the glacier had dropped hundreds of feet in elevation since that date, and about a third of the glaciers have dissapeared since then. It made it hard to find a place to get on the glacier! All of the white granite represents recently exposed bedrock - lichen has not had time to grow and turn the rock a dark color. It's obvious that more bedrock is now exposed on Kodiak than at any time in the last 120,000 years!

The top view is looking south from the top of Koniag (The village of Old Harbor is on the extreme left) while the bottom view is looking north from the summit. In the view north the white, lichen free granite is quite apparent. (PGS)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Patrick, Nora and Roxy

Lately Patrick, Nora and the dogs have been hanging out in the small spare bedroom in our house. It really is the dogs bedroom, as they bed is layered with TONS of black lab fur. Often the dogs will be back there together on the bed...good to know they enjoy eachothers company!
Patrick and Nora read kid books together on the bed...around bed time. Often I'lll hear squeals of laughter or giggles coming from Nora or occasional prompts from Patrick such as "be nice to the doggies, Nora". Then Roxy or Jake will be seen leaving the room....(ZAS)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Site Meter

Tsunami Warning

Yesterday's 8.2 earthquake in the Kuriles triggered a tsunami watch here in Kodiak. At first it was reported as an 8.4 Earthquake which is HUGE - so I was actually a little worried. We listenned to the radio for the frequent updates as they came in ('we repeat this is just a watch, it is not yet known if a tsunami has been generated .. .. etc'). Some friends who live in low lying area called to ask if they could stay with us if it changed from a watch to a warning, another friend called and wanted our opinion on whether her house was high enough above sea level to be safe or not. Predicted arrival of the wave for Kodiak was set at 1 AM. We stayed up until we heard the wave generated was a whopping 4 inches high! Not even worth going down to the beach to see. We went to bed reassured we'd wake up to a dry house.

But it is worth remembering that tsunamis aren't always so small. Ironically I was scanning slides from a new museum photo collection last night and came across this photo from the aftermath of the 1964 Earthquake. This is what Potatopatch Lake (the one behind the Mahoney's house and the Salvation Army) looked like after the tsunami wiped out Shahaftka Cove and Mission Beach. Note the old beachcomber bar floating out in the middle of the lake! Supposedly there was a huge party on the beach after the earthquake when various 'beachcombers' converged on the beach for all the washed up booze that came out of the bar. This photo was taken from near where the Owens live today looking towards the Salvation Army end of the lake (looking Northeast). (PGS)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Nora and her #1 Babysitter, Audra

Since August, Nora's main babysitter has been Audra Mueller. She is 17 years old and homeschooled, which means her schedule is very flexible.

When I was working 8-12 hours a week this past fall/winter, I dropped Nora off at Audra's house. Audra has a big family, and Nora has enjoyed being with Audra's mom and sister. I went to high school with Audra's older sister, Tessa.

Good babysitters can often be hard to come by and we feel SO blessed to have Audra as part of our lives with Nora. She treats Nora like a little sister, is so patient and caring. She takes Nora on stroller rides (even in cold, snowy weather!) to help get Nora to sleep if necessary. Also, she appreciates the importance of getting Nora outside when the weather permits.

In a month Audra will be heading on a trip with her family and upon her return she is interested in getting a more permanent/real job. We'll miss her dearly. But shes nearby so hopefully we can continue to have her in our lives.

Audra and Nora on the couch at Audra's house. Nora looks VERY relaxed with Audra!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Shishaldin

Shishaldin was so spectacular I could not resist adding more pictures. This one on the left makes it look a little bigger. As we climbed it we could never believe it was so tall since the summit always looked 'so close'. Yet it never seemed to get any closer! It took something like 8 hours to climb to the top. Good thing it is practically light till midnight in Alaska in late May.

The other photo shows what it looked like up on top. The steam smelled terrible! I felt like I was in an airplane at cruising altitude above the clouds. This view is looking out over the fog cover on the Bering Sea side of the mountain. On the Pacific side it was clear and we could see out over the ocean.

Arenal Volcano 2006

Right now on Kodiak it is raining and 35 degrees. Not all bad because it is probably snowing above 500 feet, but nothing to take pictures of either. Decided to perk things up with a few pictures of volcanos that I have visited over the years.

Zoya, Nora and I visited Costa Rica and Arenal Volcano last year with our friends the Thorndikes. Arenal is an extremely active volcano and at night we watched red magma spilling down the sides. It has been in an almost constant state of eruption ever since it awoke from a long slumber in the 1960s and wiped out the village at its base. From this view it looks huge, but it is barely 5000 feet high - half the size of Shishaldin pictured below (but which looks much smaller). I guess snow cover warps one's sense of space while jungle and heat haze make stuff look majestic. No wonder Arenal is a must see for tourists visiting Costa Rica. (PGS)

Akutan Volcano

Akutan is a fairly small volcano on Akutan Island in the Aluetians. But unlike Shishaldin it has a huge caldera. This photo was taken from the highest point on the edge of the caldera and the hill in the center is the active cinder cone in the middle of the caldera. This volcano erupted the year before this photo was taken in 1998.

To climb the volcano we had hiked from the village of Akutan. My dog Katie might have been the first canine to reach the summit. It was very windy up on top and I held her close out of fear she'd fall into the volcano. It was a 700 foot shear cliff down into the caldera. (PGS)

Shishaldin Volcano

In late May, 2005 Gregg Rosenkranz and I climbed Shishaldin Volcano with two other climbers, Nancy Pfeiffer and Frans Mueter. Shishaldin at 9300 feet is the tallest volcano in the Aluetians. It is a perfect cone shaped stratovolcano and is often compared to Mount Fuji in Japan.

This is the view of the mountain from our base camp at 2500 feet. We had reached the summit the day before and skiied back down to camp. It took us four days to hike and ski to our camp at the base of the volcano from the village of False Pass on the East end of Unimak Island. Shishaldin is rarely so visible. Nancy Pfeiffer had tried to climb it once before but the fog had never cleared and they had to give up and go home.

Shishaldin is an active volcano and if you look closely you can see steam at the summit. The caldera at the summit was quite small - only a couple hundred yards across at most. And the steam was impressive! (PGS)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gregg's 50-Something Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Gregg's Birthday and what a fun bash it was! Gregg and his beautiful wife Lisa recently returned from South Africa and so were able to see their photos on Patricks screen saver during the night and hear more about their trip.
The menu was deer and goat ribs, Elk burger pizza with wheat crust (made by Jules Barklow-so delicious), artichoke dip, lots to drink and peppermint brownies with homemade ice cream and home made chocolate sauce.

The birthday boy left at 9 PM but the drinks flowed till 12:30. I was in bed by 10:30, however. Gotta sleep when the baby sleeps! Oh and Nora slept soundly from 7PM on. Patrick and I couldn't believe it! (ZAS)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Little Boy Baby Shower!! January 7th, 2006

Here I am with the baby shower cake. It was delicious-chocolate cake with oreo cream filling. My friends know me well when they placed the order for chocolate... :)

For my last baby shower, I had to stay on the couch for the most part because of my bedrest status. Needless to say, it was a TREAT to be able to walk around and truly socialize this time!

There were some yummy dishes including smoked salmon dip, cookies, torilla roll ups, muffins...

We even had a visit from the COPS!! Because of all the snow here, the roads were difficult to park on and we had to move our cars off the main road in front of Katie's house....they city hasn't cleared enough of the snow off to make it possible to park as normal.

We didn't get a picture of the police officer at the house, however. We weren't sure how he'd take to having his picture taken. :) (ZAS)

Pregnant Gals at the Party....

From Left to Right from due the soonest, to due the latest

Roxann White (my co-worker at the clinic and friend...due with a girl 2 days before me),
Kelly Longrich (due with a girl the first week in March),
April Laktonen Councellor (due with a girl in April)
Sara Loewen (due with a boy in mid may)

Not pictured Kim (Saunders) Dorner..due with a girl near my due date

Its a pre-made playgroup already! How fun!!

Group Photo!!

On floor from left (Anne Oliver, Kathleen and Hannah Dunbar,Baby Isabella Haakanson, Balika Haakanson, Roxann White)

Sitting from Left (Joan Litzow, me, Alexis Jackson, Katie and Natalie St. John, Mary Jane Pediangco, Kelly Longrich, April Laktonen Councellor, Sara Loewen, Jenny Myrick)

Standing from Left ( Claudia Anderson, Carrie Worton, Alisa and Elias Abookire, Katie Oliver)
Photographer: Marias Yap

Marias is going to be my doula (aka labor assistant/coach/helper) during labor. I met her about a year ago at the pool "aqua tots" program with her son, Hayden. He is the same age as Nora. She has been a wonderful source of inspiration and comfort with regards to pregnancy/labor delivery ideas as well as good 'ole parenting support! She made my baby shower corsage....made out of a baby sock and baby booties. So cute and creative of her!! (ZAS)

Katie St. John hosted the shower at her house-here she gets ready to take down the paper lanterns at the end to send them home with me. What a fun time it was seeing everyone and eating yummy food and cake! (ZAS)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Russian River Explorers

One last picture from our Russian River tour. From left to right: Ben Millstein (our local brewer), John Larsen, Paul Zimmer, Tia Leber, and Hans Tschersich. Missing is Gregg who had hurried off ahead and me (I took the photo). PGS

Russian River Ski Tour

Today I went on a cross country ski tour up the Russian River with Hans Tschersich, Tia Leber, Paul Zimmer, John Larsen, Gregg Rosenkranz and Ben Millstein. Gregg, Hans and I used skate ski gear while everyone went with classic gear. It was a little icier than we expected (powder blown away by the wind) but the river was pretty well frozen over. We skiied up from Bell's Flats to the canyon and then went another 2 miles up into the canyon. Magnificent, and no one got their feet wet.

The best part about going upriver is that going home is slightly downhill and much faster than the trip out. Here Hans flies on his way back to the 'stable'. (PGS)

More Snow

So much snow, so much skiing. I can't stop taking pictures and I just have to post more of them! In the Fall and Summer it was all hunting photos - now it is all SNOW. I'll try not to bore you with too many - and don't worry we will include the occasional Nora sighting to pique your interest.

This scenic is of the outlet to Buskin Lake. There are even a few spawned out silver salmon to be found in the unfrozen water in the foreground. (PGS)

Friday, January 05, 2007

From the Archives - Hawaii 2002

While in Hawaii Zoya, Ella and I went on a deep sea fishing trip. We caught a wahoo just out of the harbor and nada after that. But all was not lost - I had the twins to myself.

From the Archives - Hawaii 2002

It's been an amazing winter this year in Kodiak. I have never seen snow stick around this long as powder and not turn to an ice rink (I suppose this will happen later this year). Time for a tropical break.

Back in February 2002 Zoya decided to introduce me to her family. I got to meet her mom, Cindy, and her uncle and aunt, Michael and Silvia, and of course the other twin, Ella. Uncle Michael fed us very well - every night it was a different restaurant near the town of Kona.

In this photo it's just me, Zoya and Ella under the Tiki torches at the fancy hotel where we all stayed. (PGS)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Winter Wildlife

This winter has been a harsh one for the animals living outside on kodiak. Everytime I go skiing I see a bunch of eagles hovering around the open water at the outlet to Buskin Lake. They are feeding on the spawned out salmon still doing their thing in the frigid water there.

The bears too have been feeding on the salmon. I saw fresh bear tracks near Buskin Lake just two days ago, but the bears should mostly be hibernating by now (the cubs and sows hibernate earlier than the old boars - and bears will not hibernate at all if they have a ready supply of food). I believe some of the winter killed deer I saw had been eaten by a bear.

Soon when all the spawned out salmon are gone all the eagles and ravens migrate to the dump and to the roofs of the canneries for the slim pickings available there. Today I also saw the tracks in the snow where a snowshoe rabbit had been snatched by a raptor (probably an eagle) - so not all our birds are dump scavengers. (PGS)

Deer In Winter

While it has been a great winter thus far for me and other humans who like to ski, it has been difficult one for the wildlife who must fend for themselves outside. The deep snow and cold has really hit the deer hard. Driving out to the airport you see them all along the road, and a bunch of moved into Abercrombie park for the winter (less snow in the woods by the coast and warmer too). These days I have to put the dogs on leashes when I take them for walks - we see deer everytime we go for a walk in Abercrombie.

In this photo, a bunch of deer hiked up and over Pyramid mountain trying to get away from some snowmobilers. If we don't have a warm spell soon, it's possible that we will lose up to 50 percent of the deer living on Kodiak this winter. I have already seen a few winter killed deer - usually we don't see winter killed deer until late February.

The sad fact of the matter is that Kodiak is overpopulated with deer. Too many warm winters, and the regulation against hunting does (only legal to hunt bucks near the city of Kodiak) have created a population explosion. The numbers of deer have stressed the habitat, and the conditions this winter have created a 'malthusian correction'. Nature's way of getting the deer population back in balance with the food supply. (PGS)

Nora and Zoya ready for a 2006 holiday party

Nora, Patrick and I attended the annual Eufemio holiday party. It is always a good time with a big ham, a large cross section of Kodiak new timers and old timers as well as the local Balilika players-singers and guitar players (a Balilika is a Russian version of a guitar).

32 Week Pregnancy Photo

I'm 32 weeks pregnant now and feeling good. People have asked if I've told Nora about her little brother, and I haven't yet. Perhaps in the month before the baby is due I'll start talking to her more about it. She is only 16 months old and I don't know how much she'd comprehend at this point.

Stuart is kicking up a storm and I can't wait to meet him! I know the last 2 months will fly by and I'm just going to enjoy this last 1:1 time with Nora.(ZAS)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Sisters bring in the New Year, 2000-2001

Zoya, Anne and Ella bring in the New Year (2001) at 4002 Cliffside Drive. After spending Christmas together at Cathy and Mike's in Homer, Anna and Ella accompanied Patrick and Zoya back to Kodiak for New Years.
This was the last sister together before kids came into the picture!!! (PGS & ZAS)