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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Grooves

 This evening after dinner, Nora asked, "Can we go for a family walk down Cliffside road?" The kids jumped on their bikes and the search for salmon berries began. They rode all the way down to Ft. Abercrombie and we went on a short walk there. The fun season of berry picking has begun. Patrick gave me the first strawberry of the season along cliffside road~it was delicious. And salmon berries are really starting to pop up around Kodiak in areas where there is more sun exposure.

 And of course when Nora wanted a picture with just she and I, Stuey jumped in the photo. Above, Nora tries to push him out of the way. Sibling love.

 Below, the kids and I go out to the archaeology site to see Patrick and the crew dig. There is a trail along the right side which the kids scamper down, and Stuey yells, "Hi Daddyyyyyy" as he runs toward the dig. From the distance,  Patrick screams back, "Hi Stuey!".
When we leave, Stuey yells from the trees, "I love you daddy!" and Patrick yells back, "Love you Stuey!"

I'm really enjoying this last month of summer. The kids and I have (finally) found a good summer groove. A nice combination of activities and time with friends and family. And lots of outside time recently as well. The weather has been nice!


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