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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Archaeology Enthusiasm

Community Archaeology has begun! At  Salonie creek.

The kids and I went to visit twice this week, once walking and once bike riding the 1/2 mile to the dig site. As soon as Nora and Stuey arrive to the site, they had a chance to do a little bit of digging...the very top layers of ash and "early kachemak" (can't believe I know that term! I didn't need Patricks help to describe the darker layer below the ash. Maybe there is hope for me afterall).

Nora and Stuey haven't found an artifact yet, but they don't mind. They just love chipping away at the sand into their dustpans. We only stay for 15 or 20 minutes then head back on the road. The kids love it, the journey of biking there, then discovering an oasis of activity in a big open field. People digging and talking and laughing. The whole scene is very fun and all the archeologists are so friendly to Nora and Stuey, explaining things to them. This year they are both at an age where summer archaeology season is exciting.

below: Screening. The process where Patrick sifts all of the dirt to look for small artifacts. It reminds of a giant powered sugar sifter...with chocolate powdered sugar!

 Nora and Stuey put the ash into their dustpans, then bucket. When the bucket fills up, they bring it up to Patrick to sift!
 The Group Scene

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