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Friday, July 06, 2012

Returning Home

(Above, Stuey with his namesake, Stewart. Patrick and Stewart are long time childhood friends with lots of great North Haven memories! It worked out so well that we were able to visit with him on North Haven during this trip!)

After some teary good byes and hugs, we drove on the ferry and began our trip home.  The day was bright and sunny and the boat passed by Granny Coco and Grandpa Georges houses in the Thoroughfare.  I found leaving very sad; I like North Haven Island and the times that we enjoy with family when we are there.  I sat in the back of our rental car and cried.

I am 36 and I have been going to North Haven with Patrick and his family for almost 12 years…a 1/3 of my life.  North Haven  is a place where the memories such as taking midnight rowing trips, barbeques on the beach, watching the sailboats pass through the thoroughfare are all becoming part of who I am.  There is a familiarity and comfort which takes time to happen.  Now the kids are to an age where they will remember their visits with Granny Coco and Grandpa George.  

Just as I remember learning hot to do somersaults on the lawn with my grandpa, helping shuck peas with my grandma and running in the water sprinkler at their house in New Rochelle, NY…Nora and Stuey are at an age where they may start having similar memories.

This occurred to me when we came up the trail at night after our rowboat ride. The firelies  were flickering away in the meadow. I see fireflies so rarely, but it triggered a visceral childhood memory response. I remembered chasing fireflies on the lawn at my grandparents house and what a novelty it was to capture them in a jar. For this Kodiak born and bred girl, fireflies are still exciting to me!

Nora and Stuey playing dress-up with Leona's clothes and shower cap!!
A view of family guest house during our moon-lit boat ride.

Below, Patrick with the fire pit. It was so fun to be part of the clam/mussel bake! This is something Patrick has been excited to do for the months proceeding our trip. It ended up being such a fun adventure of local food and swimming off the dock!
When we were jumping off the rocks of Lake Megunticook, I called to Stuey to tell him it was time to leave. Stuey cried a bit with sadness. An older man who had been sitting behind me the entire time said, 'Its not about what you're leaving, but where you're going to. Make it exciting to him by talking of where you're going to, instead of what you have to leave'. I liked this advice and am taking his advice to heart during our departure from the East.   

We are returning to Alaska.   


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