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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bear Viewing With Elizabeth

 Yesterday my physical therapy guru, Elizabeth Noble, arrived in town. (As you may remember from a post last spring, Eliabeth's writing got me started in the field of women's health 13 years ago when I first started practicing physical therapy.)

Last night Patrick prepared a meal of deer roast, beach greens and potatoes and a salad from the garden. Elizabeth and I went for a walk to Abercrombie in the horizontal rain and wind. Stuey trekked along with his hood up and jacket zipped up and I held his little hand as Elizabeth and I walked and occasionally talked.

It is very cool to spend time with a woman who is a pioneer, really, in the field of women's health.  Elizabeth was the founder of the section on women's health for the American Physical Therapy Association back in the 1970s and has written  many books on childbirth, fitness and health, having twins. She is a big advocate for helping women achieve natural births with minimal interventions and she founded a women's health center in Cambridge, MA which operated for many years. Now she speaks all over the world on topics relating to women's health.

 Today she and I went on a Bear Viewing Trip with Willie and Jo and SeaHawk Air. It was more fun than I ever could've imagined. Breath taking. The scenery down there was beautiful and Willie was great about helping find bears as we flew by the mountainsides. As we flew, Jo would give information about Kodiak and about the bears. Things about the island that I didn't know!

We landed near Fraser Lake, hiked a mile up to the lake and watched the bears for nearly two hours.

At one point, the most precious little 8 month old bear cub and his mommy (the Sow) came along.  The baby cub scampered about like a puppy.

The sow went down into the river to catch some fish. Meanwhile the cub took off into the hills. It was 15 or 20 minutes later that the sow caught a fish, ate it and then started looking for her cub. She looked all over and it was a while before she sniffed out the path that her baby cub went on.

Tonight I pray to the stars that the mom found her baby cub in the wild and they are reunited. There is no chance that the baby cub can survive on his own at such a young age.


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