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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Swampy Acres

This morning Zoya and I burned off some of the Christmas feast with a cross country ski in Swampy Acres.  Two feet of new snow had turned it into a winter wonderland.  All the spruce boughs bowing down under their load of snow.  Best of all - some one had already broken a trail for us to follow.  Deer tracks in the trail.  The deer also like a broken trail  when the snow is so deep!  Gliding along, working up a sweat, and feeling the rhythm of the skiis in the track.  Glorious.  

Now it is evening and another storm is rolling in.  Mill Bay is all roiled up and snow is slapping the windows.  I made some more gravy and we'll have it on the turkey and stuffing leftovers.  Zoya, Nora and Stu puttering about, the occasional squawk.  Post Christmas domestic scene. Nothing like a good storm to make it all warm and cosy inside!  Patrick

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