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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cross Country Skiing and "Happy" Visit to Dentist

Patrick is about to levitate off the ground with excitement about the snow this morning. Time for an entry about the fabulous cross country ski conditions we have.

Yesterday Patrick, Mary Jane and I went cross country skiing on Lake Gertrude in Fort Abercrombie. We did it in two shifts-Patrick went skiing then came home and watched the kids while Mary Jane and I went right before dark. Works out perfectly. Mary Jane's two friends, Micah and Dave came along as well! The conditions were fabulous-crisp gorgeous snow and beautiful evening light. Lake skiing is so simple- easy to get hills to contend with, easy to do sprints and the scenery changes as you move around the lake-changing directions helps too!

More snow in the forecast today-yeah!!!

Nora's visit to the dentist yesterday went fairly well. I sat in the chair while Nora sat on my lap. The only problem was that I think I had a chococlate/sugar hangover- when she brought the chair back up to the sitting position from the recline position, I felt lightheaded and the room felt like it was spinning. It quickly passed but made me realize I needed to drink more water and cut back on my holiday sugar intake!!

Nora cried when we had to leave, as she liked the waiting room. There was little tooth chairs for the kids to sit on and a bunch of fun new toys.


Photo: Lake skiing-Gregg and Patrick in 2002 on Island Lake.

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