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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nora's First Ice

Yesterday we went ice skating on the small ponds in Ft. Abercrombie park. The ice was so thick and clear-you could see several inches of bubbles down.

We decided to make Nora's first ice skating trip a "Happy Visit".
(Note: Today is Nora's first dentist "happy visit". The hygenist said that they do several happy visits with toddlers to get them used to sitting in the chair, the people, etc...Patrick and I decided to try to make ice skating a 'happy visit' where we leave happy-not too many bumps and bruises from falling!)

And it was quite happy, until she had to leave. Nora LOVED going around the ice with Patrick holding her. Stuey and I sat and watched as Nora's feet danced around the ice. She smiled and squealed loving every minute of it.

Then it was time to go. Patrick's back was hurting from leaning over and helping her around and Stuey was starting to give preliminary cry noises. At the suggestion of leaving, Nora started to cry and didn't stop for several minutes until she was strapped into the stroller and on our way out of the park. Then I think she gave up.

Yesterday afternoon after we returned, Nora pretended to ice skate in the living room. She walked around in little circles, keeping her feet on the ground. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "Daddy." I said, "are you ice skating with daddy?" and she said, "Yeah!!!". She did that for several minutes. She can't wait to go back. Zoya

(And yes-Ella-that is a big plastic binky in her mouth...) :)

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Mary said...

How cute!

There is a skate with Santa on Saturday night at Baranof rink. My kids are afraid of Santa (as in he gives Megan nightmares) so we won't be going, but I thought you might be interested in knowing for you blossoming ice-skater.