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Saturday, December 08, 2007

O Christmas Tree!

We had a tree up all last week, which Patrick cut down from the cliff in front of our house. It was very green and beautiful, but undecorated.

Last night, I had a festive feeling moment-kids were playing independently, Patrick was reading in the living room and I decided it was high time to pull the lights and ornaments out of the attic. As soon as I put a Santa hat on, and put one on Nora, she seemed to get into the spirit!

When the string of tree lights came out of the box, she started getting really excited. Patrick helped put the lights on the tree and Nora stood there clapping her hands saying "Yeah!!" "yeah!!". Her enthusiasm for the whole process was very contagious! One by one ornaments went on and Nora watched, just fascinated! Yes-later on in the evening, some of the oranments did not survive-as she took them off and gave them to Stuart. It'll be a learning process about LOOKING at the tree instead of TOUCHING. :)

With our tree and holiday lights up, I am fully in holiday mode. Tomorrow I'll see the local Nutcracker production which I'm very excited about. What a treat to see our local dancing talent! The dance schools put the Nutcracker on every 2 or 3 years, I believe-can't wait!


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