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Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Little Guy's Guy

Stuey is such a little guy. Amazing how the guy in him permeates his activities. He loves banging objects HARD, throwing objects FAR, playing with wheels on our stroller in the house, playing with a little truck, etc. Everything has much more force than it ever did with Nora.

I tell people he is such a mamma's boy and that is the truth!! I can't get enough of the feel of his hair against my cheek, his smile, the way he waves his arms in big circles with excitement, his little cry-which is such an innocent-help-me-cry.... He is 100% plump, cuddle-bug-baby yet such a mamma's boy at the same time. 

Nora is such a daddy's girl and Patrick completely recognizes this. Both kids are accounted for-Mamma's boy and Daddy's girl!


Photo Credits
(Cummiskey-Preece Family top photo, Patrick bottom photo)


Marnie said...

Alright, I finally signed up to leave a comment! This is so funny because just last night I was dreaming how Stewart would be such a good model, and I don't think you could top off the pic with him in his construction hat - with his hand on the hat!!! In my dream, I imagined him in a 1940s football uniform, a Navy uniform, a Pilgrim outfit, and, oh, can't remember, but any Haloween costume you can imagine. The previous blog, where Patrick is sleddding with Nora, all I could think is how she has such a "cool" father. Happy New Year, Marnie

Marnie said...

Oh, it was a tux with a top hat and cane.