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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Annual Goat Hunting With John-My side of the story by Zoya

As Patrick limps around the kitchen with a sore on his leg and talking about the "goats that we were SO CLOSE to" I think it only fair to share my side of the story.

This bow-and-arrow hunt is an annual ordeal with his friend John Barklow.
side note....(Bow hunting, I must admit, is so cool. So primal and as fair as it gets with hunting big animals. When I hear that someone is a bow-and-arrow hunter, my respect for them goes WAY UP, nevertheless.)

You don't have to draw a permit to hunt for goats with bow and arrow and the season runs from November to December 15th. You have to take a class and pass a subsequent test to hunt with bows and arrows. Thank goodness, otherwise there would probably be a lot more goats, deer and bear running around with arrows in their rear end.

So in the winter-usually November, when I think that I'm "in the clear" as far as Patrick being DONE with hunting and home a bit more on the weekends-John calls up. Thats right-the annual Goat bow and arrow hunt.

Over the past several years, I have begun to understand how hard it is to hunt goats, as they have to hike pretty dangerous terrain, get close to the goats (arrow shooting distance!) and pack the meat out often on icy, snowy, conditions-across valleys, etc..etc....Therefore, it takes several attempts (i.e. MANY WEEKEND) to get the goat.

Two years ago, I think they went 7 weekends in a row (ok-maybe I'm exaggerating, but it was at least 5) to get the goat. Everytime they came home I'd hear Patrick say, "Yeah, we saw some, but they all ran away" or "We saw a pack of goats, but there were kids, so we couldn't shoot the mom goats...".

I really don't mind, as with goat hunting I expect them to be gone ALL day and I am prepared for Patrick to come home empty handed, most likely-as it usually takes many attempts. So when he does come back saying, "we got one!" I tend to be more excited than with deer. Deer tend to be a dime a dozen during hunting season around here.

When he came home tonight, he hobbled into the door and I promptly pumped his system full of arnica, alleve and tylenol. Between those remedies, a dinner of noodles and a glass of wine for him he'll be on his way to healing. Good thing he is married to a physical therapist!


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