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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Time to go home

When it's time to go home I always think of that scene in 'Mary Poppins' when they are floating by the ceiling drinking tea and they can't get down to the floor until they have an unhappy thought.  Someone mentions it's time to go home and they all slowly sink down to the floor.  Going home is always sad.

Our last day on Afognak was a stormy day that just got worse and worse all day.  But we did not mind.  We were all warm and cozy in the big tent.  Matt set out a longline and later we went for a walk about Old Afognak Village.

And then, very quickly it was time to go home.  Rolan of Seahawk flew overhead and mentioned on the VHF radio that he could pick us early.  He also pointed out that he would need us to skiff up the bay to Litnik where the water was calmer for pick up.  And so all of a sudden it was a rush to pack up and go home.  Matt took everyone up the bay in the skiff while Rachel and I broke camp down.  Matt pulled the longline on his way back and by the time he got back to camp Rachel and I had all of the gear on the beach.  It was time to leave for home.

And boy was it a ROUGH ride - serious whitecaps and blown spray.  By the time we got to Anton Larsen Bay and the car we were soaked and battered. I had so much water up my sinuses it felt like I had been using a 'neti pot'.  Once home we found that Zoya had lit the banya.  It made Rachel's evening.  We were home. Patrick

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