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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nora Word of the Week

Ahhh...I was able to post a photo. Thank heavens. Patrick and I didn't realize how dependent we are on the photo posting capabilities of blogger. Much better.

Nora word of the Week: (long overdue, we know...thank you for the gentle reminders, Peter!)

Aaa-peee, which translates to HAPPY.
Today Nora all of a sudden started saying Happy in the kitchen. I immediately jumped on the opportunity to try to get her to repeat it over and over again by saying, Happy Baby, Happy Mommy, Happy Doggie. As she practiced her new word with Patrick he took the opportunity to teach her sad by pretending to cry. She laughed at this.

Oh it feels so nice when she learns a word. Speech therapy is planning to go on hold while we try some other therapies. I was initially concerned when I heard about speech cutting back but Patrick took the news differently. He said to Nora, "You got'em stumped Nora! You've got us all trying to figure you out!". He was much more lighthearted about the lack of progress. We just remind ourselves that she knows exactly what is going on and is learning and developing just right-aside from the speech.

I incorporate so much of the speech activities into our daily life-sometimes out in public I think adults must think I'm talking down to Nora, where really I'm enunciating and trying to help her hear and say the sounds in words correctly. I know she is trying so hard and I give her lots of good kudos for any attempt.


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