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Monday, December 10, 2007

ER visit

Today Nora and Stuey woke up at 9:15-I heard crying, raced back to their bedroom to find Nora standing on the ground next to her crib holding her hand up to her head. She was quite distraught.
Stuart was crying hard as well-he slept from 8pm-9:15AM and I think he was unbelievably hungry! So after some soothing and diaper changes, we ate breakfast. However, Nora just wasn't quite her peppy self-especially after 13 hours of sleep!
After breakfast she was laying on the couch a lot and laying on the floor crying. I offered her several things which normally would've interested her (changing the sheets on my bed-she LOVES that-watching a movie) and she just cried harder. Finally she sat on my lap in the recliner chair-very mellow and closed her eyes.

Then she got sick all over me. I thought she had come down with a 24 hour flu bug. When I called Patrick to tell him I wouldn't be going to work today to stay home with Nora, he said, "Zoya, maybe she got a concussion from the fall from the crib?". I hadn't even thought of that as a possibility!

So I put her on the couch, called the nursing hotline and the nurse advised me to keep a VERY CLOSE watch on her for signs of decline-lethargy, throwing up again, more pain in her head, etc...The ER nurse and doc (Karen and Jeremy!) encouraged me to bring her in just to make sure things were ok....she was starting to close her eyes on the couch which made me nervous. The ER visit went quickly and smoothly and Nora got discharged about 30 minutes later. She was on the mend-phew. That was scary.

So her crib days are at an end. Before bed we put the rail all the way down so she can easily climb out. And a big stack of pillows on the floor.
We'll have to take the rail off all together, or perhaps put her mattress on the floor. Patrick and I are in negotiations about what to do. I vote for the mattress on the floor and he wants to keep her in the crib somehow-safely.
We'll come up with a compromise.



Mary said...

Oh no! I'm glad she is on the mend. Still, it's scary when they are so small and hurting.

Roxann said...

Mike also fell out of his crib when he was young. Broke his arm. But he's turned out pretty normal.
Oh- the pains of parenthood!