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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grind Party

Last night we had a few people over and turned 150 pounds of deer, elk, goat, pig and cow meat turned into burger and italian sausage. It is a rite of Fall and a big part of filling the freezer. The Annual Grind Party.

When we butcher an animal during hunting season 10 pounds or is saved to be ground into burger later. By the end of the season we usually have a couple hundred pounds or so of meat to grind up. We usually add pork shoulder and fat to the goat to make italian sausage and add beef fat to some of the other meat to make burger with about 12% fat. We also make some burger with no fat added at all (see photo - these packages are labelled 'NF' for no fat). It pays to grind it all at once because that way you only have to clean up the burger grinder once (this is a serious pain).

So every year about this time of the season we have a grind party. Everyone brings semi frozen meat to grind, beer, food and whatever. Then it is cut, grind, eat, talk, wrap, and all the while kids are running around in the background. It is a party with a purpose and afterwards everyone gets to leave with meat for the freezer. Patrick

Photos are low quality because I took them as frames from video.


Anonymous said...

Man what I would do for a year supply of 100% natural, grass fed, free range, hand processed, free of additives meat. What a great reward for all your labor during the hunting season. Not to mention a good night with friends.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

And so would I! Every year I choose to add commercial pig and beef fat to some of our pristine, grass-fed wild game burger. And it KILLS me. (Zoya always votes for no-fat burger). Last year I sent some east coast relatives halibut and they sent me organic beef fat in exchange, but the fat was so good it would not grind.

But the funny thing about eating game is that you realize why people REALLY dig fat. Sometimes you miss fat when eating game. But lots of elk, goat and deer meat on hand? Really it is priceless - and I am fully cognizant of this and VERY appreciative. Patrick