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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Feast

Christmas began yesterday with the landscape full of snow (it snowed 15 inches yesterday! -interjection from Patrick) and Nora enjoying her dollhouse from Granny. A mini jumbo plastic airplane was also a hit-with Nora making the plane go up, down...putting all the people in and out "....daddy, me, wa-wa-wa-wa..." (Nora enjoys imitating the crying that she and Stuey do on the airplane!)

Dinner yesterday afternoon was so pleasant with many friends joining us. We enjoyed a turkey (brined by Mike), Elk Roast (brined by Patrick), wild rice, sweet potatoes, yams, mashed potatoes, stuffing...britney cake (shortbread cake) by Karen, Carrot cake. Lots of laughter and great conversations filled the evening as well as some crying by Stuey and Nora. Everyone hung in, however and Stuart fell asleep in my arms at the end of the evening. I was able to relax in the recliner and enjoy watching the group and seeing Nora and Cecilia play with Christmas toys. Zoya

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