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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Funny times at the Saltonstalls

Nora is fully recovered from her concussion. Patrick and I feel like we've had more trips to the ER in the past 2 years than your average parents. I suppose our little Nora is our little risk taker and lives life on the edge a bit more than other two year olds. Thats the only thing we can figure! From walking out the door down to the main highway 6 months ago, to calling 911 to jumping out of her crib---theres no holding her back!

We've been making a serious effort to eat meals at the dining room table recently, as opposed to around our island in our kitchen. Stuey prefers it, as he is right at the big table with us. I think Nora sometimes gets disgusted with Stuart trying to grab her food. She is a good sport, however. Patrick and I were both raised eating meals around the dinner table as a family and we've decided thats something that is important for our family. One big benefit of living in Kodiak is virtually no commute so we're all able to be around the table for dinner even when I teach my evening spinning class or if Patrick has a meeting.

Meal times often bring lots of laughs (see photos), as well as lots of tears (just ask any of our friends-Jeremy, Karen, MJ, Gregg, Lisa....the people to whom we are SO GRATEFUL for still being our friends and sitting at a table with us for a meal!!).

Photos: Meal time with Nora and Stuey (middle and bottom) photo: Audra reading to Stuart this morning.


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