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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

From the Archives - Mountain Biking

In the late 1990s and early part of this millennium I used to do quite a bit of mountain biking in Kodiak's backcountry. In those days I still skiied all winter and did archaeology and fishing in the summer, but I was not quite as into the hunting in the Fall as I am now. Hence, there was more time to go mountain biking.

I find that in life there really there is only so much time for a limited number of hobbies. For instance, I have some friends who want me to play organized hockey - but to do so I'd have to sacrifice skiing. Another reason I do not mountain bike as much these days is that the 4 wheelers really took over the areas where we used to mountain bike. Not much fun getting buzzed by 4 wheelers and dealing with braided, muddy trails.

But back in the day I did do quite a bit of mountain biking. We'd drive out the road system and go on glorious, all day treks into the backcountry. We'd ride to Saltery Cove, or if we were really ambitious we'd go to Saltery and then on to Lake Miam and end up at Pasagshak. Beers at the end of every trip.

In the top photo mountain bike regulars John Mahoney, Adelia Myrick, me and Philip Tschersich pose for the camera on the way to Saltery Cove (Hans Tschersich took the photo). In the middle photo Philip and John enjoy some of Pete Cummiskey's beer at Lake Rosetead (Pasagshak). We'd gone on an epic tour and had just happened to find Pete and beer waiting at the end of it all. Finally in the last photo Gregg Rosenkranz negotiates a downhill straight away on the way to Lake Miam. Patrick

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