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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nora Word of the Week - Up-up

Nora Word of The Week:
This week's word is Up-up-
Translation: Up
Often repeated, in a series of Ups. 
When used in a sentence "...up, up, up, up..." with frequent looks to the top of the cabinet, she is asking for her binky back. (we put her binky on the top of the kitchen cabinet when she wakes up in the morning. As the day progresses if her mood worsens or if she gets tired, she knows just how to ask for her binky back...up, up, up) 
Another context it is used is when talking about airplanes going up. Nora rather enjoys talking about airplanes taking off and going up...up...up... Now we're working on the word down, down, down... :)
A third meaning is as we drive out the road and she sees mountains with snow on them, she says Up,up,up...  I say "Do you want to go skiing with dad?" and she exclaims "Yeah!". She knows that daddy has to go "up" to go skiing.  As you can imagine, Patrick CAN'T WAIT to take Nora skiing. 
In the photo Nora chews on an elk rib. Nora loves her meat! Our little carnivore.

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