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Saturday, June 25, 2016

View from the teepee

This past week Gregg and I conducted a 4-day archaeological survey of Kazakof Bay on Afognak Island. We traveled by inflatable kayak and camped as we went.  The scenery was gorgeous and we got super lucky with the weather. I'll write some more about the camping, wildlife, and archaeology in posts to come.  Today I'll show the view from our second camp through time.

It was sunny and hot every evening on the trip so we tried to find campsites that faced East, and were shaded by the tall spruce trees.  That way we could light the woodstove and not over-heat in a tent flooded with sunshine.  In the morning the rising sun would dry off the dew in camp.

Anyway, here is a series of photographs documenting how the view changed from just after setting up the teepee on our arrival, through sunset, moornrise (we were worried the high tide might flood our teepee), and sunrise.  Patrick

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