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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Garden at the Solstice

Beets, salad, and carrots - radishes all gone

Tomorrow is the summer solstice and it is time to report on the progress of this year's garden.  Needless-to-say, but it is way ahead of what it usually looks like at this time of the year.  Last year it was pretty far along (click here for post), but this year is even ahead of last year.  Normally at this time things are barely starting to grow (Click here for June 2011).

We have been eating lettuce for a few weeks now, and have already harvested all the radishes.  Today I cut the scapes off of the garlic and plan on making pesto with them (click here for the recipe I want to try).  I also noticed that the red potatoes are about to flower.  Will we be eating new potatoes in July?

This past winter all the annual flowers I left in plants survived - as did the kale.  The over-wintered kale desperately wants to flower and I've been eating the flower shoots in salads.  The new leaves are tender and very mild - way way better than kale that is less than a year old.  Also the kale from 2 years ago went to seed last fall, and self seeded for this year's crop.  Wow! It looks like my kale is becoming self sufficient.  Patrick

Beets and carrots - radishes all gone here too

Red potatoes about to flower!

Last year's kale and self-seeded kale for this year

Some self seeded kale and thyme and sage that over wintered

Garlic with scapes and yellow potatoes

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Alphie Soup said...

I'm very impressed with your vegetable garden. Envious is possibly another word I could have used...