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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Kayaking with the kids

The highlight of our recent trip to Afognak was going kayaking with the kids.  Brewster wanted to go too and actually went swimming while trying to follow us.  This is only the second time we have managed to get Brewster to go swimming.  To keep Brewster from drowning Zoya took him for a walk to Graveyard Point while the kids and I went exploring up the bay in the other direction.

It was awesome to have totally self-sufficient kids along as we explored the rocky coastline.  We found a small pocket beach and looked for glass balls (Japanese net floats) amidst the driftwood.  We did not find any glass balls but did find a more rare wooden net float.  There was also the remains of a dead bear.  His claws were very scary looking, and leg bones looked very human like.

The kids are getting to be quite proficient at kayaking.  Patrick

Stuey with modern net float and Nora with a much older one made of wood

Stuey and the boys show off their kayak skills


alphabet soup said...

Ah, Japanese glass net floats, similiar to the ones in the Kodiak library which I thought were used to great effect.

Ms Soup

Brooks said...

Such an amazing find! A bear and a wood float- so cool!