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Monday, June 27, 2016

Camping on the go

Gregg and gear

I've done a lot of archaeological surveys by kayak, but they have all been in May or September - never in the heat of summer (except one mosquito plagued canoe trip on north Afognak many years ago).  So at the start I was a little worried about using the teepee and woodstove when it was hot, sunny, and buggy outside.  As a back up we even brought along a traditional tent with a floor and bug screen. But we never needed to use it.

We did try and find campsites that faced east and were cool and shady in the evening.  A big discovery was that burning a woodstove tended to drive anything flying out of the tent.  With the tent lifted off of the ground and the door wide open it was sort of like hovering over a campfire - only without the smoke or bugs.  Perfect. 

We pretty much had all our packed into 2 barrels and at each campsite we'd carry the barrels up the beach and set up camp.  Pretty simple.  Patrick

A few times we filled up our water bottles without even getting out of the kayak

Our clothing got pretty salty by the end of the trip

Our final camp - we lifted the teepee high to catch a breeze

Exploring the beach after dinner

We found a lit woodstove drove the mosquitoes out of the tent

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