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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Subsistence Reds

Stuey tends the net and watches for hits while I ferry fish

There are not that many photos for this post and really none of the fish, but that's because the fishing was a rush and there was no time for photos.  In something like 4 hours we caught 60 red salmon.  Wow! It was all work and no play and lots of fish slime.

Mike P arrived with the net and family, and set the net before coming to shore. The fish started to hit immediately.  Mike still had to anchor the boat and take his family to shore in the only raft. So I had to pick the net from the inflatable kayak.  We like to bleed them while they are still kicking, and thus it is important to get to the fish quickly.  

I was going up and down the net and filling the kayak with fish, and then rushing over to Mike who would bleed the fish and put them on ice.  Stuey helped from his kayak by watching for the fish strikes and telling me where to go on the net.

By the time the other boat arrived and Mike could join me on the net I was totally slimed. My kayak had a couple of inches of slime and fish scales in the bottom, and I was just sitting in it.  

When I was done I cleaned off in the hot tub and and then borrowed new pants from Zoya.  I never bring along a spare pair.  Zoya's pants fit me but had tiny pockets.  

Later on Mike P grilled up some fresh salmon


Finally things slowed down enough that we got some salmon on the grill

Pulling the net - no need for any more fish!

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