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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Family Time

On this past trip to Afognak we did have visitors who came for a day to fish and hang out on the beach (more on this in a later post).  But for most of the trip it was just us - Mom, Dad, Nora, Stuey and Brewster the dog. 

In the old days when we were alone as a family we used to have a difficult time keeping the kids entertained.  These days that is not an issue. Nora does her tidepooling, Stuey shoots his slingshot, Zoya does her writing, and dad explores with his camera.  Brewster chases squirrels and sleeps.  We all go on family exploring trips. 

Unplugged family time.  Ahhhhh  Patrick

Burying Nora by the city in the sand

Zoya helps Stuey saw wood

Nora's nest

Nora collects the wood and transports it to the woodpile by the stove

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