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Monday, June 27, 2016

Secret Picnic

Saturday Afternoon, in the rain, Jeremy and I took the kids on a picnic to Secret Beach.  We got to the beach by boat.  Jeremy paddled his kids in a canoe while Nora, Stuey and I went by inflatable kayak.  Stuey paddled one of the kayaks all by himself.

Once at the beach we set up tents for shelter and lit a great big fire.  We cut some alder branches for roasting sticks and cooked hot dogs and s'mores.  No one seemed to mind the light drizzle and the kids played in the rocks.  And no one sheltered in the tents either.  Later all the kids tried their hand at paddling while Jeremy did his part as a 'sheep dog', and herded the kids about the water.

And then it was time to pack up and paddle back to the cars.


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