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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"You Happy Mommy? You Happy?" Nora phrase of the month

Thankfully, Nora word of the week has progressed to Nora phrase of the month.

Lately Nora will spontaneously ask, "You happy, Mommy? You happy?" Her eyes look at me inquisitively-studying my face- and she spits the words out from behind her binky. She started asking this about a month ago, sort of out of the blue. Often she'll ask it if I'm visibly happy, dancing to music or laughing, or if I"m visibly NOT happy-raising my voice to her or Stuey. She seems to know the answer but likes to know where I stand. If I reply, "Yes, I'm happy Nora." She'll respond with "Oooookkkkaaaayyyy." And if I reply "No, I'm not really happy" she'll ask a few minutes later, to see if my status has changed.


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