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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kodiak Landscapes

Yesterday Zoya asked if I could pick out some Kodiak landscapes to put up on the wall of clinic. So I went back through the years and found some 'blasts from the past'. I decided that since they are to be blown up large, and the detail would not look too great that I should just turn them into dry brush paintings in photoshop. I think they look cool. They do not look any different from the original at a distance, but when you look close you see an impressionistic painting.

Top photo is of the mountains reflecting in Upper Olga Lake in early May. Middle photo is Zoya's picture of a mountain goat taken on an Audubon hike with a point and shoot that had no zoom - she got REALLY close (we'll make a bowhunter out of her yet). Third photo is of the mountains behind the antenna field reflecting in the outlet to Buskin Lake in early December. Finally the last photo is one I took last weekend of dawn on Sheratin. Zoya likes the last one because it's just like the logo for her clinic. Enjoy. Patrick

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