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Sunday, December 07, 2008

In Homer with Nora

Our trip to Homer has been a fun one. The ferry ride was very smooth-the only hitch was that the intercom didn't work in our cabin. So the ferry arrived, and Nora and I slept and slept and slept. And Cathy and Mike waited, and waited, and waited on the dock. They talked to the ferry people and finally someone came and knocked on our door. I woke up, looked out the window to see that we had arrived. Nora was very excited and we scampered off the ferry at 3:30AM. I believe the ferry had been docked about 1/2 hour before we departed it.. (Sidenote...Patrick says there is a storm on the way-so we may be looking at 20-22 foot seas on the return trip--arghhh....hopefully this storm bypasses our crossing back over to Kodiak)

On the first day, Nora was quite tired and she would say, "Lets go home. See Stuey..."--espcecially at nap and bed time. Now she is quite acclimated and she went down to bed easily tonight.
The mornings begin with Nora opening a door on the wooden advent calender Cathy and Mike have-inside is a treat of trail mix with M&M's with nuts. The advent calender is followed by a breakfast of fruits loops or Apple Jacks-cereals which Nora never gets at home--another big treat! We took Nora to the library-checked out some good books and Madeline's 1st Christmas video-another big hit especially since Patrick reads the Madeline book to Nora at home and she is already familiar with the characters.

Today we went to the local production of The Nutcracker-and this was Nora's first auditorium performance. We stayed for 1 hour of it--up until the intermission. Nora enjoyed watching all the action on the stage and she even danced in the aisle for a few moments at one point.

It really is fun to travel with Nora and see all of the new things that she is excited about. Cathys car--she loves riding in it. She loves pushing the button for the garage door to go up and down. She likes having her routines even when travelling. And she has been helpful in picking up and cleaning up after we do an activity. From reading the blog and talking to Patrick, it sounds like things are going well with he and Stuey and likewise with Nora and I.


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