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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Perfect Saturday

Recipe for a perfect Saturday
-1/2 hour of sleeping in. Thanks to Patrick for occupying kiddos.
-1 hour of putting up christmas decorations, singing O Christmas Tree over and over again, and watching Stuey scheme how to pull down ornaments.
-5 minutes of watching Patrick chop down our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree on the cliff and "add on" to its trunk so it would be big enough to fit the tree stand.
-1 hour of time with Mary Jane before my party began this afternoon. I always enjoy doing last minute party preps with her...
-2 hours of time with fabulous girlfriends. Yummy spinach dip, salmon dip, baked brie, chocolate fondue, variety of delicious drinks. Plain old good, fun conversation with awesome women.
-Many moments looking at the full, striking moon high in the sky.


Photos: Jenny, Adelia and Theresa
Myself, MJ and Balika
Jenny, Roxann, Peggy, Kelly, Jessica and Shannon
Mary Jane and Balika

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