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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Homer Weekend Visit & Ferry Ride

Today Nora and I returned from Homer on the ferry-after a fun 3 day visit. The ferry ride over was as SMOOTH as could be, and the ferry ride home was the exact opposite. Oh Joy.

Nora is so fun to travel with-she has her fathers organizational skills and loved helping me pack here in Kodiak. She was very thoughtful about which clothes to bring and helped pile everything into the bag. She went to the spare bedroom and knew exactly where to get my suitcase from. Upon arriving on the Kennicot cabin room, she immediately pulled her blankie out of the bag and was way into getting into her bed.

In Homer, Cathy and I took her to the Nutcracker performance, which was the first auditorium performance Nora has ever been to. She sucked away on her binky, twisted her head to watch all the action and even got up and did a few pirouttes in the aisle. She also loved clapping when others clapped. Her enthusiasm and smiles for the show were contagious.
The one on one time with Nora was good for she and I. I have a better understanding of her, as she does me. And I think Patrick has a better understanding of Stuey.

Nora got sick on the ferry ride home-poor thing. 22 foot seas proved to be too much for her little system. Fortunately, as soon as Kodiak city came into view, the waters were calm and her appetite returned. The trip ended with us sharing an order or chicken strips and fries together. All was well.


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