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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Joys of Photoshop

When is too much of Photoshop a bad thing? I've been wondering about this lately as I've been using Photoshop more and more to fix up photos. I believe photos should be 'real' and reflect reality as accurately as possible, and I try and tweak my images in Photoshop to achieve this goal. However, more and more I've been using Photoshop to fix up 'bad' images. Images that a year ago would never have seen the light of day. For instance, these two of Gregg skiing yesterday in the North Bowl on Pyramid. While 'compositionally sound', the originals were all washed out, blurry and grainy because the light had been low and I used the rapid fire shutter on my camera which creates much lower quality images. So I played with them in photoshop and turned them into 'dry point' paintings. Now they look pretty good - but have I gone too far? Note that they both have a different color balance. I think I like the top one better. Patrick


kodiakgriff said...

I think that any improvements to a shot, that don't morph it into something it's not, is OK. After all didn't we use to pay folks behind the curtain to do that very thing? How many High school yearbook pictures have been "doctored", to give some teenager a picture worth keeping?
How was the walk up Pyramid? Did you see many ptarmigan?

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Lots of tracks but no ptarmies in the tracks.