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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looking Forward to a low-key Christmas

I"m looking forward to a low key Christmas. Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree sits tilted in the living room with just a few presents under the tree from family. Patrick and I didn't buy anything for the kids. Between various family members, they'll have a nice little bunch of presents to open.

For the first time since Patrick and I have celebrated Christmas together in Kodiak, we're not having dinner here and I"m so excited for the break!! Roxann and Mike invited us over to their place--it'll be fun to have the kids all hang out together and to not have to prep our house for a dinner.

This comes at a perfect time, because frankly-I'm zapped.

With working 40 hour weeks, teaching spinning and doing so much business start-up work I"m ready for some down time. Next week I have carved my schedule out so I only see clients 20 hours during the week--and on Jan. 5th, a part time office manager will help. So there is MAJOR light at the end of the tunnel. Adrenaline has been pulling me through for 6 weeks but now I"m feeling the effects of all the energy dispensed to my new venture.

That said, I love every minute of my work. I'm energized by the physical place-its quiet, calming. I'm excited to see my clients every day-to meet new people. The lady, Becky, who does my medical billing rocks. She is so organized and has great ideas on how to best set up the office. And she is a whiz with the medical billing program she had to set up. (If it had been me, the computer would've been thrown out the window a loooonnnnggg time ago... :) I am completely 200% loving having my own PT business and am through the worst of the set-up phase, I believe.

2009 will arrive, the dust will be settled and I"ll be a happy camper...


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