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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Quality Mommy-Daughter, Father-son time

Tomorrow Nora and I leave on the ferry to Homer to see Cathy and Mike. When I tell Nora about it this week, she smiles with glee and says, "Thank you, Mamma. I love you" accompanied by a big hug. I don't know that she has any idea about the ferry ride or what its about but I think it all represents a special outing/trip for her. The ferry ride is a 9 hour ride on the Kennicott and the weather forecast is good-PHEW. The big storm that was just here has worked its way out of the Kodiak archipealago system. It'll be good to see Cathy and Mike-it has been over a year since I've been there.

I"m really looking forward to having some mommy daughter time and I think it will be good for Patrick to have a little 1:1 Stuey time. As of late, Stuey's stubborn streak has been shining through...and he tests Patrick's patience. Patrick's saying when he gets frusturated with Stuey is "Clam it, clownie." Its a pretty funny saying, actually and I find myself laughing when Patrick says it to Stuey. Helps bring humor to the moment.

Work has been awesome and busy. I LOVE my clinic and things are going smoothly. This week I worked some long hours and went to sleep way early last night out of exhaustion. Felt great to do, however, because I actually got 8+ hours of sleep. Halleluiah!! Stuey was a 5:15 wake up call this morning. Arghhh...he wakes between 5 and 6 AM. He is our morning child and Nora is the night owl in the family.



A friend made Nora and Stuey these hat/scarf sets. SO CUTE! The kids loved them.
Bottom photo--Stuey and Hannah had fun with the washable markers. Word on the street is that Stuey drew on Hannah's face too--although we didn't get a photo of it!

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Kennicott? What happened to the Rusty Tusty?