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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sheratin at Dawn

Today I went skiing a little earlier than usual and watched the sun rise while I climbed Pyramid. I could not stop taking pictures. And believe me - in reality the dawn light was far richer and more sublime than it appears in my photos. My little point and shoot met its match - a true light show. North bowl still had good powder on the face. Patrick


tk said...

Patrick! Hello friend, I am at my dad's house in Port Angeles, no more warmth and sunshine- it is 17 degrees and it snowed over the weekend, and it makes me miss Kodiak so much, especially after I see all of your beautiful pictures. I wanted to say that we have been eating venison like crazy- in a stew, and we barbequed a backstrap piece that was so tender and sweet, it just melted in my mouth and required no teeth! Also, I appreciated all your comments on my blog, I recently figured out to have an email notification so I actually know they are there- but I especially loved that you noticed the cut-off xtratuffs, little things like that, that only my kodiak people would know. Well, I have more to write, but I will dig up your email address instead of telling everyone who cares to read this. Hellos from Rose, my dad and Laura. Peace.

Zoya said...

I love comments on the blog! And I do have some goat sausage in addition to the deer and elk burger. Give me an address and I'll pass them on (and judging by the comments on your blog, it looks like someone at your place in Hawaii wanted some sent there too). Anyhow, enjoy the deer. We have.