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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

House Husband

Lately, Zoya's private physical therapy practice has taken off, and, more and more, I've been a house husband. I'm still skiing and getting to work, but more kid and house duties in the morning and evening have been falling on me. Babysitters have been our Godsend during the middle of the day. Every evening I find myself feeding the kids and waiting for Zoya to get home. It seems appropriate that I take over the 'how the kiddos are doing' blog posts.

Today Nora starting throwing up at around 4 AM, and right now I am staying home from work and nursing her back up to speed. Daddy's helper Megan is helping with Stuie. Stuie got up with the rest of us at 4 AM and is feeling a little tired and acting 'needy' this morning.

Photos: Top - Nora's bed on the couch this morning. Middle - Stuie and Nora trying on their Xmas hats (if you click on it to enlarge you will note that I turned it into a 'dry point' painting in Photoshop). Bottom - CeCe and Nora playing on Mike and Roxanne's window seat. They pull the curtains and it becomes their little house.


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