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Friday, June 29, 2012

Rowing & Rock Jumping

We love rowing around Lake Megunticook. Yesterday Patrick took the kids to this small rock "island" (above) and today we went to a spot where Nora and Stuey jumped off rocks. They have no fear with jumping off the rocks. It is a reminder how if kids aren't taught to be scared, then they're not scared. Today was a great example of that. Nora and Stuey loved bounding off the big boulders into the lake. 

 For lunch we joined Polly and her boys at a place down on the water. Stuey models Leona's sunglasses below!

 And we enjoyed dinner with the extended family here at the Lake House. The best part was as the adults prepared dinner, all the cousins romped around in the lake playing basketball, swimming and playing with little water guns.
 Emmy, Polly and Patrick...
 Dinner on the deck!
 Relaxing in the hammock after
 and sunset light....
 Good Night, Maine!

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