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Friday, June 19, 2015

First Salmon Berry & Garden at the Solstice

First salmonberry in Stuey's hot hand

When the salmonberries started to bloom way back at the very beginning of April (click for post) I thought we'd be eating berries by the beginning of June.  But spring did slow down, and the I did not see my first ripe salmonberry until today.  Stuey snatched it off the bush and after I took a few photos he gobbled it up.  This year I think there will be a bumper crop of berries.

The garden is also surprisingly sparse considering I've been mowing the lawn for a month and a half.  But lately with the super warm sunny weather it has finally started to ramp up the growth.  My garlic has been big from the start.  I'm wondering how I'll know when it is time to harvest it.

Carrots, beets, and Swiss Chard

Radishes, carrots, and garlic

Potatoes and Garlic

Carrots and mixed salad greens

Eying the berry


Molly Odell said...

That is really early for salmonberries! When were they first ripe last year? Seems like it was early too. I was there for Fourth of July last year and picked a couple gallons. I remember when I was a kid it was very unusual for any to be ripe by my birthday (July 9).

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

I just checked last year's blog and the first salmonberry was June 18th! So one day earlier than last year, but both years are WAY earlier than normal. As you said, early usually means the 4rth of July, and mid July is normal. Patrick