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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unplugging on Afognak

Since our return from Afognak, friends have asked, "How was your trip?"
...To which I replied, "It was great! Felt wonderful to unplug!"

I realized I need to create more 'unplug' time into my life here in Kodiak. More away camping trips, leaving the cell phone at home, or beach bonfires. It feels so good for the soul for be away and not in contact. With quick access to e-mail, smart phones, it makes this off time even more treasured.

Coming back from Afognak I felt truly recharged, energized.

I was physically a bit tired, but in a good way. The great thing about remote camping is that you get your workout in every day!

 This year  I did more my part in hauling water, sawing wood, cleaning dishes at the oceans edge. These tasks of daily camp life  are essential, rewarding to contribute to and occasionally challenging. For hauling water, it was a 15 minute walk through an up/down trail to a small stream.  Sawing wood with Stuey was new for me this year as well. He really enjoyed sawing the pieces of wood as I anchored the long end of it down with my foot. And I loved washing the dishes...using the hard sand as a scouring pad...waves lap in to wash off the dishes. Quiet beach time is priceless.

Upon our return from Afognak, there was an initial frenzy and hustle bustle of house cleaning, about a full day of laundry to catch up on, responding to e-mails, texts, but that has subsided somewhat and I have a few moments to occasionally day dream about my next outdoor getaway....


The campfire beach scene.

We heart driftwood!

Toothless Stuey! He lost 4 teeth in 3 weeks...more to come on that later!

INCREDIBLE freshly caught Silvers ready to cook. Thanks to Andy for filleting!

And to Patrick for cooking them up!

Pauline giving the experience 'thumbs up'!


John said...

Thanks for the memories. Found your blog about 6 years ago and I'm glad you're still blogging. Kodiak was a special time for me and your pictures and stories bring it all back again.

John said...
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