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Saturday, August 31, 2013

10th Anniversary Surprises!

Our 10th wedding anniversary was a great day full of unexpected surprises!

Yesterday evening  Patrick and I  packed our overnight bags, got into the Hyndai and pulled onto Rezanof Drive, with kids under the over-night care of a capable babysitter. Right as we pulled onto the road, we passed a mini-van with a longtime familiar face in it!

Dean, Patrick's friend from South Africa, gave us a gregarious wave and smile and we quickly turned the car around to say hello! The timing was perfect-Dean and his friend Ralph are in town for a week to go fishing and hunting.

The serendipitous part is that Dean made the trip to Kodiak 10 years ago for our wedding! We quickly made arrangements to meet downtown at the Brewery for drinks.  It was special to say "Cheers!" with a friend who helped support Patrick and I in the journey of marriage on the day of our wedding.

At the Brewery with Dean

A few hours later,  we headed out to The Rendezvous restaurant in Bells Flats for dinner. We enjoyed salmon burgers, halibut burgers and drinks on the outside deck with the company of a few evening mosquitos. It was nice to be on the quieter patio after being inside the loud brewery. Conversation all of a sudden seemed effortless as we spoke in a normal tone of voice.  Patrick and Dean recalled stories from their time together in South Africa; lots of stories about driving 210+ km/hr in their toyota Corrola. Wow. Fast.

 Ralph, Dean, myself and Patrick

 South Africa was where Patrick began his friendship with Dean and its incredible that their friendship continues on (20+ years later) here in Kodiak, when Dean comes up for fishing trips.

After dinner, Patrick and I went to Buskin Beach Camp site area where Patrick pitched a tent and we we spent the night under the trees in our little green tent. We got one of the last available campsite-right alongside the main road but we were just glad that one was available on Labor Day weekend.

An early morning rain shower pattering on the tent  gradually awoke us. It was a treat to sleep in and awake at 7:30, with no pressures to move quickly or have to assist the kids with the morning routine.

As we awoke, Patrick said, "Here starts the next 10 years!"
At the risk of sounding cliche, I"m excited!

If the next 10 years are anything like the last 10, I"m in luck!
I'm thrilled to be married to such a hardworking, caring, funny and adventurous man.


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My Little Family: said...

Congratulations you two! I remember the day you two met like it was yesterday. Wow - ten years and two kids. Time really does fly.