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Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Friends & Visitors

This summer has brought so many wonderful people into our home--with so  many hellos and teary goodbyes. 

Before we had kids, Patrick and I took in long-term houseguests and archaeologists quite frequently. We typically had people in our home all summer and once the fall would come, our house would become quiet when everyone went their ways for their own homes. 

Then kids came in our lives and because of the nature of parenting, we didn't do as much of hosting.  This summer our house once again filled up again with strangers and friends. 

Patrick was gone for nearly 8 weeks on surveys/digs so it was fun to have other "grown ups" around for dinner time, walks, etc. The people in our home have been so kind, patient and helpful. They've offered warm smiles and assist with dinner and dishes. They've given Nora and Stuey piggy back rides, read to them, played games. They've been friends to us in every definition of the word. 

Our friend Thomas is still here and there are a few more visitors left to come and go before the end of hunting season in October. 

The thing that strikes me harder with these good byes is watching how Stuey reacts to goodbyes. 
Stuey and I--we can't help but get teary eyed. I read good bye notes to him written by guests, and he sits in my lap-tears in our eyes. Its good to let the emotions flow and good to teach him that. (As his dance teacher noted years ago, Stuey is a lover, not a fighter! Unless Nora is in the picture....) 

Laurel (left) and Nichole. Both wrote such wonderful good bye cards upon their departures! They left Stuey and I teary eyed as we read them. 

A wonderful summer sitter, Leah, the kids and myself. She was incredibly flexible and hardworking. 

Elke, Marias, myself and Kainoa. Marias and Kainoa recently moved back after 4 years away from Kodiak. Welcome Home!

Bob from Seattle-here to do a talk on Old Afognak village. He used to come to Kodiak lots years ago for digs! Its like a day hasn't passed when he comes back to Kodiak! 

Rose, Stuey and Thomas. Paper airplanes! They also have been part of our home for years. 

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