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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Afognak Day One

Packing up the plane at the float plane dock
Flying into Lipsett Point

The cook tent...sawing wood for the wood stove inside the tent.

Friends arrived via boat later in the day! 

Enjoying a one-pot dinner made by Patrick-Rice with cabbage and chicken and salami. 

Cooking marshmallows in the wood stove after dinner. 
Day 1- We arrived late morning and it took several hours to set up the sleeping tents, saw wood and get camp set up. After lunch we ventured out on the trails for a hike to see what was new in the forest and beaches since we were there last summer. The trails were in good shape, tides were low and not too much sign of recent bears in the area. (and this was a very good thing-as we didn't' bring out electric fence on this trip)

In the evening, Patrick cooked up dinner and right when it was ready, friends arrived via boat. Rachel, Matt, Pauline, Andy and Piper pulled up on the beach after a 45 minute trip from Anton Larsen Bay. Dinner was served and shortly after, smores.

Prepped the kids for bed-had to do a VERY thorough job of combing Stuey and Nora's tents for spiders. Once the kiddies were tucked away and sleeping, grown ups stayed up around the wood stove in the darkness sharing stories and laughing into the night.


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