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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A deer for Thomas

The last two times I've been out hunting we got to the top and the fog came in and we did not get deer. So this morning at 5 AM when Thomas and I left the house in a downpour I did not have high hopes for getting a deer.  I figured we'd go up, get soaking wet and bat about in the fog for a few hours.  We even brought a small tarp and stove so that we could create a shelter and have some tea while waiting for the fog to lift.

But before we even got to the alpine it did clear!  And right away we started to see deer.  Lots of does and fawns, and then before we had even been hunting for 15 minutes Thomas spotted this guy.  Almost too quick - we sort of wanted to keep hunting and look for more deer.  But hey, after 2 unsuccessful trips I'm just happy with a fat deer!  Patrick

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Philip said...

Nice one TK! Great to see your dad come by this summer. Sure wish i was in Kodiak this summer! peace.